Truck Facts

At T&A Truck Specialist, Inc in Tampa, commercial trucks are our business. Here are a few interesting facts about the average commercial hauler, from us to you.

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Diesel Engine Repair

At T&A Truck Specialist, Inc, we earn our reputation as the top diesel and fleet truck repair center in Tampa FL. A major aspect of that reputation is our team of expert mechanics, and another is our versatility. Our technicians have the knowledge, equipment, and ability to repair or maintain any type of diesel engine, big or small.

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Transmission Repair

At T&A Truck Specialist, Inc, there’s a reason we’re the top-rated truck repair center in Tampa; we do it all. While many shops shy away from the more complicated aspects of truck repair, we have the tools and people to get the job done.

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Roadside Assistance

We know that the last thing you want to deal with on the road is a problem with your truck. At T&A Truck Specialist, Inc in Tampa, we not only provide top quality truck repair, but roadside assistance as well.

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Transmission Replacement

The transmission in your diesel truck is built for hard work. But, after many miles and hard days on the road, inevitably the time will come to replace it. When that time comes, T&A Truck Specialist, Inc has the professionals you need, for the best truck repair service in Tampa.

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