The thermostat in your truck is a small, simple, and critical component. At T&A Truck Specialist, Inc in Tampa, thermostat replacements are just one of many repairs we tackle.

Your thermostat regulates the flow of coolant throughout your engine, and therefore dictates the temperature at which it runs. In diesels engines, this is particularly important. An engine that runs too cold is inefficient and prone to harmful carbon buildup, and an engine that runs too warm is at risk of overheating and severe engine damage.

It isn’t a bad idea to have your thermostat replaced at regular intervals; however, thermostats are one component that fails never really know when an old thermostat will start to misbehave. Here are some symptoms to watch out for.

Keep an eye on your gauges. If the engine never seems to warm up to operating temperature, heats up more than it should before a dramatic temperature drop, or overheats consistently, the thermostat is most likely at fault. If you’re lucky, the onset of failure will be slow, only causing problems occasionally at first.

Once a thermostat starts to fail, however, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a much larger problem. If you notice any signs of a failing thermostat, have your truck serviced immediately; thermostats are inexpensive and simple to replace, and will save you from a ruined engine or a day of headache.

No matter your truck repair or maintenance needs, our professional technicians have the equipment and knowledge necessary to get the job done. For the best fleet truck service shop in Tampa, call or stop by T&A Truck Specialist, Inc today.


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