Should you warm up your vehicles?

Especially as temperatures drop, you may feel inclined to allow your commercial or fleet diesel vehicles some added warm up time before heading out for the day. But is it necessary? T&A Truck Specialist, Inc in Tampa, FL has the answer.

For you old school truckers, you likely remember a time when the answer was definitely yes. In a world before adequate oil, good starting systems, and electronic fuel injection, diesels were a pain to start cold and needed time to warm up before they were capable of carrying themselves down the road.

In the modern day, however, warming up your engine simply isn’t necessary. About 30 seconds is really all you need, to make sure oil is flowing and everything is well lubricated before putting your truck in gear. If you have a turbo, a warm up is more important, but a minute or so is perfectly sufficient.

In fact, diesels won’t reach operating temperature unless they’re under a load. By letting your engine idle, you’re really just burning fuel, and inefficiently at that. In a world where fuel and time efficiency are key components, it simply doesn’t make sense. Your truck will warm up much more quickly if you simply begin driving.

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