At What Point Does Diesel Freeze?

At T&A Truck Specialist, Inc in Tampa, FL, we like interesting facts, such as the freezing point of gasoline. Since gasoline begins to freeze at temperatures between -40 and -200 degrees, it’s more of a fun fact than of any real concern.  However, as you likely know, diesel fuel in cold weather is of actual consequence. Here’s what you need to know.

If you own or operate a fleet or commercial diesel truck, the last thing you need in the morning is an engine that won’t start, or refuses to run the way it’s supposed to. If your fuel is subjected to low temperatures for too long, you might experience exactly that.

With cold weather sweeping the country, there’s a good chance you’ll either be living with it or driving through it at some point during your business-related travel. At what point should you be concerned?

Diesel fuel begins to coagulate at around 34 degrees, causing the fuel in the tank to appear cloudy. At about 10 to 15 degrees, trouble begins to rear its head – gelling starts to occur, and fuel filters, rails, and lines become blocked up by partially solidified diesel fuel. If you’re lucky, the truck will accelerate or run poorly for a while…but it’s just as likely the engine won’t start at all.

So how do you prevent gelling from occurring? Keeping your block heater plugged in on a cold night is a great place to start, but won’t necessarily protect fuel in the lines or in the tank. Many truckers that travel through cold weather will use a mixture of #1 and #2 diesel, as #1 has kerosene in it, giving it a much lower gelling point. There are a variety of other additives you can use as well. If necessary, the truck can be brought inside, warmed up, and the filter removed and cleaned to get you back on the road. Just be sure you plan ahead and know your route, and the weather, in advance.

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