Do You Need New Wiper Blades?

There’s a good chance your fleet or commercial trucks have seen some harsh weather this winter. Traveling through freezing temperatures, road salt, and inclement conditions takes its toll on your wiper blades. With spring rains on the way, is it time to change your wipers?

Over the past several weeks, there’s a good chance the weather hasn’t been kind to your windshield wipers. Don’t wait until it’s too late, and you’ve found yourself in the pouring rain with a windshield you can’t see through. Get your wipers inspected and replaced before the season officially turns.

Our technicians use quality blades that’ll last you this season, and will have them installed in no time. You’ll be glad you had them replaced when the spring rains roll in.

No matter your repair or maintenance needs, we’ve got you covered. For the best fleet and commercial diesel service shop in Tampa, FL, call or stop by T&A Truck Specialist, Inc today.


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