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Multiple Options for any type of truck suspension system like Hendrickson’s OPTIMAAX™ system which is a revolutionary 6×2 solution to help fleets save fuel cost, tire wear and weight with comparable handling to 6×4 tandem axle configurations. Operating as a liftable axle in the forward tandem position, this system provides versatility for fleets with variable loads. The OPTIMAAX system is ideal for fleets in need of additional flexibility for on-highway tractor applications.


Hendrickson's Quality is why we choose it here in our shop!  For large trucks it is the best choice in the industry.


The Hendrickson story began in 1913 with the founding of The Hendrickson Motor Truck Company by inventor and businessman Magnus Hendrickson. This small Chicago-based manufacturing company built trucks often equipped with cranes, which were used to haul stone and other building materials.

In 1926, Hendrickson introduced the first tandem truck suspension, which mounted the axles on each end of an equalizing beam. This unique "walking beam" design distributed the truck's load evenly between the two rear axles, which improved traction and greatly reduced the effects of bumps and potholes in the road. The walking beam soon gained widespread acceptance among the industry's new 6x4 "six-wheeler" trucks, which allowed more payload.

In 1978, The Boler Company, whose holdings included manufacturers of leaf springs and metal bumpers, purchased Hendrickson. In the years that followed, Hendrickson would expand into or acquire additional businesses in related areas—trailer suspension systems, auxiliary axle systems, springs, metal bumpers, and other heavy-duty components.

Eventually, Hendrickson sold the truck manufacturing operation to focus solely on suspension systems and related components.  Today, Hendrickson is comprised of state-of-the-art facilities, technical centers and manufacturing centers committed to serving the transportation industry with innovative products that help improve productivity and profitability. Across the globe, Hendrickson’s proud heritage reflects 100 years as the leading innovator and manufacturer of suspension systems and components for the global heavy-duty vehicle industry. 

If you need a solution for your large heavy haul rig then let's talk Hendrickson and get you squared away, stop in T&A Truck Specialist, Inc at Tampa today and discuss your "perfect solution".

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